You may delete many GB of SSD

You may delete many GB of SSD

Have you just installed Windows 10 you can probably delete many GB if you finish sharing the OS to your other computers on your LAN.

Share Windows 10 on your net?

Are you Windows Insider you get offended and ever new test versions.

Coming in a row

Trials that are shared with the rest of the world or local network, if you do not change the settings.

We’ve been through Windows 10’s safety and privacy settings before, that’s not what this article is about.

You may be put over 3GB

For you are like us you have Windows 10 on an SSD, perhaps the only 128 or 256GB, then count every GB.

Have you downloaded Windows 10 lately saved a copy on one of your machines, so not all have to download from the Internet, but instead from one of your machines locally online, which of course takes up disk space (and who save Microsoft for a little bandwidth).

If you use disk cleanup in the tens, take a look and see “Delivery Optimization Files“. With us this on 3,09GB after we downloaded the Windows 10 10586 yesterday. Do not install this version on multiple machines on your network, you can safely delete all these GB’s.