Therefore destroyed iOS 8.0.1 iPhone 6

Therefore destroyed iOS 8.0.1 iPhone 6


Apple: – 40,000 were affected.

Apple’s product marketing chief Greg Joswiak has revealed why iOS 8.0.1 did the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus an involuntary iPod Touch Without Touch ID, the calling and messaging features.

Not an iOS bug
Tekno Avisa Re / Codes booth Code / Mobile got Tim Cook to speak on Monday, and now has another top figure in Apple System agreed to be interviewed, namely Greg Joswiak.

– It was not the software itself, it was the way it was distributed, he explained above Re / Code-owners and journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher (who defected from The Wall Street Journal and started for himself).

Hit 40,000
Fortunately for the 40,000 (10 million sold iPhone 6 during the opening weekend) that were affected by the error found the company quickly out what was wrong, and could thus rolling out 8.0.2 which corrected the mistakes the next day.

Either way, there is no doubt that this was a scratch in the paint for the company.

– We do make mistakes
– We do not make many mistakes, but it was one of them, insisting Joswiak when he was pressed with new questions about the error.

Joswiak also had a stern message to those records iPhone’s in non-official sources to download beta versions of iOS, and warned that the company complies with what is happening.