See the final version of Windows 10 Mobile

See the final version of Windows 10 Mobile

Now Windows 10 Mobile finished.
Now Windows 10 Mobile finished.

Build Version 10,586.11 was launched yesterday. Yesterday, Microsoft released a new version of Windows Mobile 10 beta, which reportedly also is the finished version.

Comprehensive review
If you participate in the beta, you can download the final version already. Are you not in the beta, but are curious about Microsoft’s new mobile OS, you can see a comprehensive review in the video below.

The Microsoft-focused website Winbeta, has posted a video which gives users good impression of Windows 10 Mobile.

Bug fixes
Microsoft has not added any new features in the latest build versions, but has rather focused on performance and bug fixes. Among other things, it will again be possible to save apps to a memory card.

There are also several known bugs in this version, but these affects virtually only the developers.

Lumia 950 and 950 XL launches with Windows 10 Mobile in the US this week.