It took Apple five years to make “3D Touch”


It reveals ex-engineer.

3D Touch panel of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is an impressive piece of technology.

exciting technology
We have tested 6s since Friday and has already delivered a sneak peek. Our first impression of 3D Touch is very positive, and many applications have already been updated to support the brand new technologies.

How useful function will forward it is up to app developers to dream forward – we believe technology can lift mobile gaming to a new dimension.

five years
Bloomberg has previously revealed that 3D Touch took several years to develop, naturally enough, but exactly how many we have not been told until now.

The development of 3D Touch started already when the iPhone 4 and 4s were top models, and Steve Jobs was alive.

Avi Cieplinski previously worked in Apple (now Twitter), and was involved in developing Force Touch and Taptic Engine which can be found in Apple Watch and new MacBook (read our review, the touchpad is really unique).