Is iPhone 6s actually waterproof?


Convinces large in test.

Previously we have seen how well iPhone 6s Plus makes it a “bend test”, now has a YouTube user checks how well the new models hold in water.

User Zach Straley la iPhone 6s and 6s for two bowls of water in one hour, while he occasionally took them out and checked whether they worked as they should.

After class is over, he takes them out of the bowls and wipe them off. As you can see in the video, seems both phones to be intact. All buttons, 3D Touch and camera are working correctly, but also the speakers seem to be unaffected by the water bath.


one issue
In an update video shows Straley that also Lightning port and audio jack working properly. The only problems he experienced, is that there has occurred a diagonal line on the screen of iPhone 6s.