How to Take a Screenshot on a iPhone or iTouch?


Have you ever seen something really cool on your iPhone or iTouch that you really need or want to have a picture of and you don’t have any way to take picture of it? Read on.

  1. Identify the screen to capture. You will want to navigate to whatever you want to take a picture of.
  2. Identify the “home” and “sleep/power” buttons.
  3. Press both buttons down at the same time. Don’t hold them down because if you do then your iPhone will restart.
  4. Watch the screen. Check and see if the screen blinked and you heard a clicking sound.
  5. Check your Camera Roll. The screenshot you take will be put in your saved photos file in your photos application. If you hear the sound and see the screen change, then you can open your Camera Roll and find your new screenshots there.