Google can unlock Android mobile phone

Google can easily unlock Android mobiles.
Google can easily unlock Android mobiles.

Unless you have newer Android. Documents The Next Web has gained access to, reveals that Google may remotely unlocking Android mobiles.

Unlocked external
They are naturally dependent on a court order to do this, but as soon as they have it there is nothing that stops them from unlocking an Android mobile.

This applies to Android phones that have older operating system version than 5, which corresponds to around 74 percent of the market, according to Neowin.

Not newer
Mobiles having Android 5 or later has the ability to be encrypted in such a way that Google can not remote unlocking device. According to Neowin, there are few or no manufacturers that have enabled this because of performance and other issues.

Currently there is only Nexus directly from Google that are encrypted on the way.