Apple removes hundreds of apps


Could collect personal data.

According to Source DNA Apple has removed 256 apps from the App Store, as it has been revealed that these programs have the opportunity to collect personal data.

Source DNA writes that apps could collect information such as email addresses, Apple IDs and enhetsidentifikatornummer.
In addition, it emerges that the majority of apps were removed, originating in China and spent a developer tool (SDK) from Youmi – a Chinese advertising company.
Most developers will not have been aware of the vulnerability, according SourceDNA.

Serial numbers and Apple ID
Apps made these without the user’s consent:

  • Numbers list of installed apps, or get the frontmost app name.
  • Obtain platform serial number.
  • Numbers devices and obtain serial numbers for accessories.
  • Obtain the user’s Apple ID.

Apple has issued a statement in connection with the removal of apps.

“We identified a group of apps that used an ad-developer sets from a third party, developed by Youmi – a mobile ad provider that uses private APIs to collect private information such as e-mail and device identifiers, and sends the data to the company’s servers.”