Apple buying up car-related domains


Buy, and

This can, of course, and is probably just a natural purchase to hedge domains relevant to “CarPlay.” But, one might ask themselves; why now? Carplay have already come far, and whether it was relevant with the advent of other domains in marketing or other so they should perhaps have been bought long ago?

Project Titan

Project Titan is Apple‘s iCar” project that Tim Cook approved last year. The rumors around this project are many, and the details are few. What is known is that it is Steve Zadesky, previously involved in the development of iPhone and iPod, which is set to lead the project. Zadesky has also previously worked as an engineer at Ford.

“Project Titanis no small project either, and it is rumored that upward to a thousand people are actively working on this project. More soberly It is probably about a couple hundred.

These come in return from companies like Tesla, Ford, GM, Samsung, A123 Systems, and Nvidia. There have also been reports of a company that had to close down operations, Mission Motors, because the employees defected to Apple. So all indications are that this is more than just exploration for Apple‘s part, and that the vacuum cleaner market for talent.

Can not be late to the party

Tesla and Google have long been working in this field and have good results so far. Tesla, on his side with electric boiler for cars to consumers and Google with its self-running cars. Now that Tesla has begun and upgrade their cars and offers assisted driving, so the race is on to be the one who delivers the first autonomous cars become tougher.

With companies like Uber that settles heels and starts its own research department, as has Apple in a hurry if they want to be with. It’s probably also why it is rumored that Apple will have a car ready for the consumer market already in 2019/2020.

However, that also MacRumors says in his speech that there are still ‘Early daysfor Apple, much can change in 3-4 years. But who knows, may be an iCar to pick you up the next time you order a UberPop?