Now can dropbox this!

Now can dropbox this!


Yummy friend with Office.

Not only is the Office suite (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) free to iOS, and soon to Android (sign up for the beta test), but also Dropbox is an integral part of the experience thanks to a new version.

Dropbox for iOS and Android updated

Dropbox and Microsoft revealed the cooperation before the latter revealed that new Office for mobiles and tablets are free, and now Dropbox app updated to reflect the partnership.

You could already, log into your Dropbox account in the new apps, but now you can also edit Office documents from Dropbox.

How it works

Dropbox explains:

“To initiate make sure Dropbox app is updated to your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile.

Then you can open an Office document, spreadsheet or presentation in your Dropbox. Press the new edit the icon to start editing the latest Office apps.

When you finish the changes are stored in Dropbox automatically. “