So simple controls they them!

So simple controls they them!


Seller Android rootkit with backdoor functionality.

Symantec has revealed a commercial trojan and rootkit Dendroid.

Dendroid sold for around 180 dollars, and aims to make it easy for anyone to insjere Android apps with malicious code – malicious code that makes it possible to remotely control the victim’s android mobile.

Dendroid can therefore not be misused to connect illegally into the installed apps, but to clone already available Google Play software contains code that allows the remote control.

Can be misused by approximately Anyone

For the money you get not only the buyer rootkit software, but also the ability to control the devices that are captured using a PHP-based web interface (an interface that probably has good uptime because the servers are in different countries).

Using the same interface, the hacker can call with your mobile, send messages, retrieve photos, use the camera and abusing the infected device with other devices, large, coordinated DDoS attacks.