Cujo box guarding you and all your gadgets

Cujo is a small box you connect to your home network and that wireless can monitor over 50 devices simultaneously. (Ill .: Cujo)

You can finally stop worrying?

Cujo is an intelligent little box to be sure to keep the gadgets and network contact your away cyber-criminals, viruses and Trojans.

Keeps track of your net

The project is on Indiegogo where they have raised over 217,000 dollars. Gizmo claiming to protect your gadgets and your digital life, but you must still make sure to have antivirus:

“Cujo does not examine what is on your PC, but looking at the traffic coming and going on your PC and other devices,” explains the project’s website.

But how do thingy if there is danger of a unit? Yes, by mapping the network and the normal traffic. About box suddenly finds discrepancies in traffic, including parties of malware, it alerts you. It also inspires packets that are sent over your network.

What about privacy?

“Cujo see most of your traffic, but we can not see encrypted information from banks or social media. We collect metadata headers based on deep packet inspection. “Raw deep packet» -inspeksjonsinformasjon never sent from Cujo and stored either. When Cujo publishes metadata come, it is important that it is encrypted and anonymous. ”

Cujo sold for $ 49. The first units sent customers in February / March 2016.


With apps are always updated
With apps are always updated
Cujo claims to be an all-in-one guarding.
Cujo claims to be an all-in-one guarding.