Create your own cloud in minutes

Create your own cloud in minutes


Share files and stream music or film.

With Tonido is wicked easy to reach the files on your computer, and you let your computer stand, you can also stream all the content directly to your tablet or mobile phone, or laptop if you are on the go.

Easy to set up

a genius with Tonido is that it is so incredibly easy to set up. The only thing you do on your PC serving files is to install a small program that runs in the background.

Tonido software available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once installed, it retrieves the content you have shared from your computer directly to your browser, or on mobile or tablet via a number Tonido Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Blackberry Playbook).

You can download individual files (there are no restrictions on file size), view pictures, and stream movies and music with the built-in media player.

Getting Started

The main thing you do when you create a free Tonido account, selecting a link to your content.

To avoid snooping is not recommended to use your full name. The best is a nickname or the name of your home computer.

You can not select a new one afterwards, so make sure you find one you can live with. The content will be available on

After this is done, select the folders you want to share with your devices. This is typically done during initial setup.

Automatic synchronization

Just like Dropbox and similar services Tonido supports automatic synchronization of your files. But contrary to what you share manually from your computer, then this particular feature a ceiling of maximum of two gigabytes.

Do you have room to synchronize more than that, you must therefore pay. Currently it costs for example about $20  a year to be able to sync up to 100GB.

The synchronization works in the following way:

On Windows, the application automatically creates a folder (which you can change afterwards).

Any files you place here, then automatically synchronizes with all the other devices that use the service.

Your network determines the speed

Tonido is a nice and easy solution, but make sure you have fast bandwidth if you want to download large files.

Since the upload speed too many are quite poor in this country (especially those with ADSL lines), are enough services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive and especially Norwegian Jottacloud  a faster and better alternative for large files .

Find content for you

The cool Tonido is you can very easily use it as a media server.

This allows you to stream movies, music and photos without having to scroll manually all the folders you have on your home computer.

Tonido catalog content for you, but you decide in which folders to search for movies, music or photos.

Smart is that it also has a built-in gallery, movie and music player

In this way it becomes very simple to stream content without any more bells and whistles and installations.

In the web browser on a PC, it may be problematic to play mkv files. Tonido can convert such files for you, but they recommend that you download VLC for wider format support. For more information on this in Tonido.

You can also easily create music playlists. Go to the folder containing the music you want to play and choose to play all the songs in the folder.