Fire Chat – messages without web access

Fire Chat – messages without web access


Ingenious solution when you do not have coverage on your mobile.

Thanks to the smart phone is much easier to communicate with others than before, but only as long as you have network connection. But if the web for various reasons do not work, what do you do?

Fire Chat is a new iPhone app that will make it possible to chat with others even without network access.

Just the ticket when you’re at a festival, concert or football game where the mobile network is usually overloaded, but you just have to get sent a message to his friend queued for drinks and snacks.

Uses new iOS 7-function

Fire Chat works by using a relatively unknown feature in iOS 7 called Multi Peer Connectivity Framework, which enables you to communicate with others over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi without mains connection.

Airdrops, which makes it possible to send photos to other iOS users nearby, works the same way.

The special feature is that communication will be possible even when users are off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range of each other, according to Cult of Mac.

This is because you will be able to connect in a chain with other users and get their messages out through them.

– It is called mesh networking, and Apple has made it mainstream in iOS 7 It’s going to change everything, writes Cult of Mac.

According to Cult of Mac’s because the functions will also expand internet connection to a place where it does not exist, “such as a basement of a hotel, a cave or rural areas where mobile connections do not exist.”

So far there are not many other developers who have adopted the technology, because “there are so many scenarios where modern technology users lack Internet access,” writes The Guardian.

Completely anonymous

Another interesting aspect of Fire Chat is that you do not need to register to use the app. You just start it up and enter a desired display name.

In other words, you can be completely anonymous if you want it.

In addition to sending messages, you will also be able to send pictures. And it will not be possible to make it to one specific person, but everyone around you.

The idea is that the solution will be useful during disasters, emergencies or other situations where people rely on being able to contact others. The range of application should be about ten feet, which also extended if more people join in the conversation.

So far, the Four Chat available only for iPhone. If there comes a version for Android and Windows Phone, remains to be seen.

Fire Chat (App Store, free)