32 million Twitter accounts hacked!

Twitter accounts hacked
Twitter accounts hacked

E-mails, usernames and passwords are probably among the information the hackers may have stolen from Twitter users in the last few days.

Only a week after one of Russia’s largest social media VK was hacked, can also twitter accounts have been hacked, according to IT newspaper TechCrunch.

Over 32 million Twitter users may therefore have had their personal details spread online, through search engine Leakedsource specializing in hacked information.

The hacker seems to be the same as the extracted information from Russian VK last week, and most of the affected users are in Russia, writes TechCrunch.

Many others

Twitter and VK is far from the only social networks that are struggling with security breaches. In mid-May was also information from over 100 million LinkedIn accounts shared online.

The information came from a security breach in 2012, the company confirms that they are trying to get in touch with the affected users so that they can change their passwords, writes TechCrunch.

According to the online newspaper, however, there is nothing to suggest that the same group that recently must have hacked Twitter, was behind the attack on LinkedIn in 2012.

Not the same

Among the accounts that were hacked in 2012, one of them must have been Mark Zuckerberg’s. Facebook boss was recently widely discussed because a hacker group allegedly used the leak to get into more of Zuckerberg’s social media accounts.

Among accounts hackers got access to, the Facebook CEO’s Twitter account. This should not be associated with the recently published Twitter data, writes TechCrunch.

Zuckerberg’s name should not have been among the 32 million that was published this week.