Snapchatters have no rights

Snapchatters have no rights

Snap Chat Screen Short

Here are the new rules: snapchat own all your pictures at all possible and unimaginable ways.

All photos you send on snapchat, whether the service in the future change the way you send and receive them, the company’s in all imaginable and unimaginable ways.

No rights again

It explained the new terms (dated 28 October 2015) that for once, if nothing else, is easy to understand.

Regardless; believing that your images will disappear after they are delivered is a thought one should put down immediately.

As a user gives you snapchat namely rights to:

“Deliver, store, use, display, reproduce, modify, change, edit, publish and create derivative works, publicly display, broadcast, distribute, promote, showcase and publicly display content in any form and in any and any possible media and distribution methods (which is possible now, or possible in the future). ”

You also snapchat rights to use the images globally and give them permission to hand them over to their partners, free of charge. As a user, you will never be able to monetize the content.

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