Snapchat: – Relax completely

Snapchat: – Relax completely


When they answer the criticism. The new snapchat rules, which were announced yesterday, can be summarized as follows:snapchat own all your pictures at all possible and unimaginable ways.

We Do not store
In a blog post responding to criticism snapchat and assures that “snatch and conversations you share with your friends, will continue to be as private as they were before the update.”

The company also writes that they never store private snapper and conversations and that they never share content with advertisers or other partners.

The cause of the updated license terms are, according snapchat, the company wanted to make the terms clearer – “the way people actually talk.”

New license conditions
As we wrote yesterday, the following forward in the updated license terms:

“Deliver, store, use, display, reproduce, modify, change, edit, publish and create derivative works, publicly display, broadcast, distribute, promote, showcase and publicly display content in any form and in any and any possible media and distribution methods (which is possible now, or possible in the future). ”

You also snapchat rights to use the images globally and give them permission to hand them over to their partners, free of charge. As a user, you will never be able to monetize the content.