Now comes the Browser Skype


Microsoft chat service gets its own Web client.

Is not Skype installed on your PC you want to chat? Soon it will not longer be a problem.

Microsoft opens namely now that you will be able to use Skype directly in the browser.

As the company writes on his blog: “useful if you are in an internet cafe or at a hotel on holiday where you can not download Skype at all.”

In beta

“Skype for Web” states the new child, which should be available at in Internet Explorer, Chrome for Windows, Firefox and Safari.

Web edition is currently in beta, and therefore require an additional application to function. The plan is that the time to be entirely the download free.

Requires invitation

As of today, you must have an invitation to access the browser-Skype, but Microsoft is going to open up for all users gradually over the next few months.

You can log in using your account at to see if you’ve got access.

It was last year that Skype replaced chat Windows Live Messenger service. According to The Verge, Skype has over 300 million users. Service is available on many different platforms, including tablets and mobile.