New app frees you from the browser window.

Using Google’s messaging Hangouts on your PC has become much better.

The company has in fact launched a new Hangouts app that allows access to your calls right on your desktop, and not in the browser or via a third party client that has been the alternatives to date.

The app downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, but looks and behaves like a normal program.

Talk Bubbles

Google has undoubtedly been inspired by the speech bubbles to Facebook Messenger when they created the new Hangouts app.

It is designed as a vertical line with circles, that you otherwise can move anywhere on the desktop simply by dragging and dropping them.

When you receive a new message, it pops up a bubble with the sender’s profile picture of the Hangouts icon. If you click on the balloon brings up a chat window.

Pressing Hangouts icon brings up a list of logged in users to communicate with.

Simple, but effective. Dog not without shortcomings. For example, there are no sound notifications for incoming messages.

Talk bubbles will be above the rest of the programs you have up there, but you can turn it off if you wish, according to Lifehacker.