Gmail with Exchange support on Android


New version of the app has also “material design”.

Last week, Google launched a new email client baptized Inbox. It has a slightly different design than what you are used to from Gmail, where sorting of mail is at the center. In addition, one handsome opportunities to snooze emails so they pop up later, or where one can easily convert emails into actions.

New Gmail app
Although Inbox is launched, it does not in any way that Gmail theme is lazy. These days rolled out a new version of Gmail for Android, and one of the headlines this time is that the Gmail app now has received support for other email accounts than just Gmail.

This allows you to fine use the app to check email elsewhere; be it, Yahoo Mail or indeed too Exchange email, as many people have to work. The latter, however, requires that you install a separate Exchange Extension.


“Material Design»

The new Gmail app follows the new design principles that come fully in the next version of Android; Version 5.0 Lollipop. There are a lot round icons and colors, while the user interface is rather minimalist.

Via the menu on the left side you can switch between email accounts – as far as we can see there is no “universal” inbox that can collect email from all accounts you have entered.

For each account, you can also set your sync options; ie how often the app to check for new emails and how many days back in time to retrieve the e-mail. For Exchange is also possible to set this per folder.

Coming soon

The new version of the Gmail app rolled out these days. If you do not want to wait, you can find the apk files in Android Police. The files must be signed by Google and will be accompanied Android Police is therefore safe to install.

Remember that you then have to allow installation from unknown sources via the security settings on the phone and that it is generally considered to make the phone more insecure.

We recommend that you take away this intersection after installation.