Now Facebook alerts you if the authorities try to hack your account


Want to protect your account to users.

If the authorities are trying to get into your account, the Facebook from now on alert.

In a post writing Facebooks security chief Alex Stamos that it becomes standard practice from now on.

– Starting today, we will notify you if we believe that you have been a target for, or been attacked by, attackers suspected of working for a state, writes Stamos.

He writes that these type of attacks generally tend to be more advanced and more dangerous than others.


Harmful content
Facebook writes that there is no wrong in their security system that is the cause of such a warning, but it is the user’s own devices infected with malware or viruses.

To prevent any intrusion onto your account, we recommend that you scan Facebook phone or PC for malicious content.

The warning does not appear if Facebook itself provide personal information to the authorities.