– No, we’re not listening to you! Facebook denies “Shazam” rumors!

– No, we’re not listening to you! Facebook denies “Shazam” rumors!


Two weeks ago we could talk about Facebook’s new Shazam-like feature that captures the music and clips from TV shows so you can directly communicate to your friends what you see and hear.

denies rumors
Immediately rumors began to circulate that Facebook could now listen to what you talked about also, and perhaps at worst broadcast your most private conversations to the world if you were chatting in the way front of a computer or mobile with Facebook upstairs.

Now Facebook denies this malicious rumor strongly.

– Completely voluntary
– First and foremost, this is a volunteer from the users’ side. We do not do it without the user’s permission, says Gregg Štefančík in Facebook’s security department to CNet.

Štefančík assure that the microphone is initially turned off, and that it requires permission from the user side to turn it on.

Go no further
And when the first sound is recorded, it does not go further from your PC or mobile. In other words, the sound used only as background material to make up a song or a TV episode that you can add if you want.

– I would not have had this in my pocket where it picked up everything that was going on around me, says Štefančík.