Facebook has launched its major new commitment

Facebook has launched its major new commitment

Facebook Workplace
This is Facebook Workplace browser and mobiles, and is now out of beta.

Facebook has rolled out Workplace, a competitor to Slack.

Must apply for membership and are not free
The point of the service is to make it easier to communicate internally in companies: one gets an entirely separate login separate from the private Facebook account.

The service is not free, moreover, one must apply to join. The price is $ 3 per employee or 2 or $ 1 depending on the business size (larger = more affordable – active users). This is far cheaper than Slack taking over $ 6 for the standard package.

This included Workplace provides users with:

  • Unlimited storage of files, images and video
  • Unlimited number of teams and project groups
  • Live video streaming
  • Analysis tools for IT folks
  • 1 to 1 service for administrators
  • Secure collaboration between companies
  • Single sign-on support
  • Integration with G Suite, Okta, OneLogin, Ping, Windows Azure AD

It also launched an app: