The new solution is much better. The social network has removed the second inbox on Facebook.You know, the one you never looked at? We experienced to get messages here without our being notified (the notified never, probably because Facebook thought we would be inundated with spam, which did not happen), for the inbox number two ended all messages from people you are not connected to.
Were it possible to look at this folder with the official apps either, so something had to be done, but what?

Now, things go so much better
Yes, your inbox is replaced with a new feature that is baptized messaging requests. This works in the way that you see messages from anyone on Facebook, even those you are not friends with. You then select the person who sent you a message is allowed to continue to do so. This sounds a lot better. Good job, Facebook.

The new feature is not rolled to the online version yet, at least not with us.