Worried about NSA surveillance.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is often accused of conducting surveillance itself.

But the NSA surveillance like he obviously did not.

He was just so angry over Edward Snow Its revelations that he called himself president Barack Obama to clear up.

How can the multi-billionaire do, as opposed to the average American.

– Long before we see changes

On his Facebook account, he writes: – I have called President Obama to express my frustration at the damage the government does on our common future. Unfortunately, it looks like it will take a very long time before we see any fundamental change.

– Count on Facebook!
Zuckerberg closes with a sigh.

He believes that since the president and the government does nothing, it is up to us ordinary Internet users to build the Internet we want.

– Together we can build a room that is both a major and important part of the world than anything we have today, but that is also safe and secure. I undertake to ensure that this happens, and you can trust Facebook to do their part.