Yahoo makes it difficult to change email!

Yahoo makes it hard for customers who want to change email company!

Disables essential function in your inbox. This fall, there appeared two major scandals surrounding the former search giant Yahoo.

Major revelations
First it was revealed that the service had been subjected to a massive hacker attack in which 500 million accounts were affected, then came news that Yahoo had plenty monitored e-mail to users.

So it is perhaps not so surprising that customers want to switch to another e-mail service, but it proves to be easier said than done.

Not possible to forward e-mail
According to the Associated Press (AP) Yahoo has disabled the possibility of automatic forwarding of incoming mail. This means that you still have to log in manually on Yahoo account to check if someone has sent email to your former address.

On Yahoo’s help central printer company that Automatic email forwarding in Yahoo Mail is currently “under development”, which is quite surprising since it is a standard feature virtually all email providers offer.

Meanwhile, reports TechCrunch that British Telecom, which offers customers Yahoo Mail, allows users to either change or delete your account.