Here are six useful links.

Google began as a search engine and ended up as an IT giant offering including email services, Office solutions, a mobile operating system and loads of different apps.

Thus many logged by Google when using the Internet. If, for example first logged into Gmail one, you are also logged into the search engine.

This means that Google collects a lot of information from you, even when you are not aware of it. And in some cases: Even when you are not logged in.

But what does Google know really about you? Website Cloud Fender has listed six links in the context.

Google serve primarily their billions through advertising. One of the tricks is to give people ads to hit their interests.

To do so, they create a simple profile of you that includes gender, age and interests based on all the information they receive from you, search history, and geographic location.

You can see your ad profile here:

Have an Android phone, or use Google Apps on your iPhone, you share your location with presumably Google’s services.

Google uses both to give you a better search experience, but also more relevant ads in relation to where you are. Sitting in Drammen and search for “restaurant”, for example, provides up a map with nearby restaurants.

Also Google “Now ‘service exploits this: For example by providing weather where you are, or calculate how long it will take to drive to work – given traffic situation.

Via location history is also possible to delete individual timestamps, delete history for a given day or the entire log. Do you feel that this is a bit guffent, you can in other words delete the entire location history and then disable the service on your phone.

You can view and manage your location history here:

As long as you are logged in on one of Google’s services are stored every search you make yourself, and what pages you click on the search result. Even the Google ads you click on, stored.

In the search history you can even delete history you perceive as extra sensitive. If you want to stop all such storage, go to the settings for the search log and press “Pause”. Where this is temporarily control the course itself.

Check your search history here:

Unfortunately it is not always just you using your Google account, sometimes also get outsiders access.

If you suspect that is the case, the company has a separate page where you can check the login activity for your account with the type of device and about position. From here you can also remove access to individual devices.

Ever given an app or service access to your Google Account? There is a separate page that shows you which permissions are granted, and here you can also revoke access if you want it.

Want to leave Google for another service? Or just have a backup of your content?

Google allows you to export all your data, like bookmarks, email, contacts, Disk files, Youtube videos, photos and so on from this page: