– Therefore not Pixel mobiles OIS

– Therefore not Pixel mobiles OIS

Google Pixel
Google Pixel has not OIS

The Company believes A has several advantages. Last Tuesday showed Google+ until the new Pixel phones under a large-scale event in San Francisco.

Went for electronic rather than optical
The company stated inter alia that Pixel has “the best mobile camera ever” and pointed to DxOMarks own tests.

However, there were several who wondered about that “the best mobile camera” does not support optical image stabilization (OIS) and Google instead went for the online version (EIS).

Google representative IssacOnCamera takes speak out and explain the Google forum reasons they chose EIS.

– Gets better over time
“EIS and OIS has two entirely different goals, so you can not compare them to ask about which one is better / worse. OIS mainly improvements to photos in low lighting by compensating physically shaking at each frame, and EIS improves unstable video by maintaining a consistent framework across multiple video frames, “he explains, adding that Google did not have the advantages of OIS as pixel mobiles already taking good pictures in low light.

“And with software algorithms instead of OIS hardware may Pixel get better and better over time,” says IsaacOnCamera.