Soon, Google Drive can back up your entire machine!

Soon, Google Drive can back up your entire machine!

Google Drive
Google Drive

But the storage costs.  Right after Microsoft updated OneDrive with Files on Demand in the latest Insider version of Windows 10, Google now launches something of the same.

New backup
Google Drive will be updated on June 28th with the new Backup and Synchronization tool, which has the potential to back up your entire machine.

The tool simply allows you to choose which folders you want to back up to Google Drive, and then seamlessly upload the files.

This allows you to upload the entire hard disk if you want, and you can also select single folders.

More 15 GB costs money
The tool is designed for consumers who need backup and not on business use – this update will not be available until later this summer.

However, uploading massive files to Google Drive is not free – it costs money to save more than 15GB, so you need to take care of the size of your backup.

Should you need to upload more than this, it costs $ 9.99 a month to save a terabyte of data.