Sandisk with 128 GB microSD card


Not many years ago we would dismiss news of SanDisk’s new Ultra memory cards as pure fantasy, sham and bad joke. But in 2014 it is thus possible: to pack 128GB of storage in a card the size of a fingernail.

This is a record improvement of 100%. Up to now, namely 64 GB was the maximum of what these little cards have been able to contain.

How much did you say?

128 GB is also enough to 24 hours of HD video in high quality, SanDisk said at the launch.

However, Can utilize the capacity?

To use the card in mobiles, tablets, cameras and other devices, it requires however that the device supports microSDXC card and file system exFAT.

On newer gadgets should be good opportunities for it, but we have not confirmed anything from SanDisk writing. Looking at the specifications of the new mobile top model of Samsung, S5, is nevertheless the exploit as store cards.

On the way to the shops

The card is on its way to the stores at the moment, prices in the U.S. are expected to remain at $ 200.