Samsung’s stylish designer PC Revealed

ArtPC Pulse
ArtPC Pulse

Sound system from Harman / Kardon and exciting design.

Last week published Samsung a short teaser video for the time looked like a desktop PC.

ArtPC Pulse

When the company plans to unveil PC is uncertain, but now it has already been revealed by Amazon.

ArtPC Pulse is the name and it’s clear that Samsung has put together a PC with a focus on design. The circular machine including speakers from Harman / Kardon and a pulsed light.

Launching this month
PC comes in two configurations with Intel’s sixth-generation i7 processors. It is surprising that they did not go for the latest edition, Kabys Lake, which was launched a short time ago.

I5 model comes with 8GB of memory and costs $ 1,199, while i7 and 16GB of memory costs $ 1,599.

Common to both models is 256 GB SSD storage, Windows 10 and AMD Radeon RX 460. By connections have ArtPC Pulse four USB, one USB C, one HDMI, ethernet, SD card reader and audio output.

According to the Amazon listing launched ArtPC Pulse 28 October.