Samsung can not find fault with the Galaxy Note 7

Fireproof boxes in boxes and detailed instructions have to when to revoke a potential bomb.

When they emit fireproof boxes to revoke all devices. Although production and sales of unit is now completely stopped so it still remains for Samsung to find out what is causing the problem.

Dedicated considerable resources
After reports of multiple devices that spontaneously caught fire then started an unofficial Samsung recall September 2nd this year. Having dedicated “hundreds of employees” to find fault as claimed Samsung that the problem lay in batteries and sent even print a correction that would limit how much battery got charged.

After a lengthy delay began Samsung sending out phones with batteries from another company. But when owners reported that their erstattningsenheter also caught fire was the hook on the door for Galaxy Note 7.

Changed producer
So there is the New York Times report that the company, despite having dedicated significant resources to find the bug still has not done it. It was originally battery manufacturer SDI which was blamed for the first cases, but Samsung changed the producer to TDK which also produce batteries including Apple.

In a video from Sunday we see a woman from Honolulu, Hawaii, who witnessed her Note 7 was overheated and ignited. The initial recall focused on phones that contained batteries from SDI and attempted limited with an update that made the battery may not be charged to more than 60%. So far there have been many speculations and potential sinners have been many, including USB C, and Quick Charge, but Samsung has so far yet to conclude.

Complicated recall
Not only has Samsung struggled to get back all the units but also those who have bought the phone had trouble getting sent it back since companies like FedEx and UPS have refused to take with them for fear that they will explode.
Now Samsung has started sending out special boxes which are fire-resistant along with detailed instructions and gloves.

XDA Developers has received such a return kit, watch video of it below: