Now it’s official: Samsung stops sale of Note 7 in the world – ask all turn them off!

Note 7
Note 7 sales stops worldwide - Samsung also asks all customers.

After problems with a variety of Note 7 devices that really should be secure after the first batch had battery problems and exploded, taking Samsung a breather.

Samsung reports that Note 7 owners can swap in a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

No one has experienced that Samsung is now experiencing
And in terms of sales stop of mobile in the world – the company is simply not sure whether the new devices are safe, this applies to devices that have been sold and are in stores after the problems started piling up halfway through the previous month.

This report Samsung
In an official statement explaining the company the following:

“Because our customers’ safety comes first, ask Samsung now all operators and shops globally to stop the sale and exchange of Note 7 while we investigate.

Customers with an original Note 7 or a replacement unit should turn off the device and stop using the device, “says the report that can not be seen as anything but dramatic for a company that got lots of good criticism for mobile and that atpåtil got to launch it before the iPhone 7.