Three million copies Galaxy Note 7 can be repackaged and sold in Vietnam and India.

Galaxy Note 7 – the mobile phone that would become one of Samsung’s proudest flagship – was instead one of its biggest failures. We managed admittedly testing it here on Dinside, and crowned it with a fiver on the dice, but during the short time the mobile was on the market, there appeared a number of stories about batteries suddenly exploded or caught fire. Then came the stories of replacement phones that also caught fire.

Almost all are returned

The result was that Samsung in the fall decided to withdraw all copies were sold (about 3 million). According to ZDNet has 98 percent of mobile phones have been returned, and the few that have not done so, have partly been forbidden to take it on the fly.

It’s not just simply get rid of almost three million mobiles in an environmentally and cost-justifiable way, and Reuters has previously speculated opportunities to sell these devices.


Now it appears that Samsung has found a solution to the problem. According to Engadget, who have retrieved information from the Korean retailer Hankyung and ZDNet Korea, plans Samsung to replace it with a smaller and safer battery pack phones again, and sell them in India and Vietnam. If it will be named Galaxy Note 7 or renamed, is currently unclear.

Phones, according to Engadget get a new cover and a battery with a capacity of between 3,000 and 3,200 mAh (original battery had a capacity of 3500 mAh). It is speculated that the sales start to happen already in June, but it is unlikely that mobile is seeing in sales in Europe.