You Need to Know about Bluetooth 5

You Need to Know about Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5
Bluetooth 5

Speed, range and iBeacon.

Last month announced the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) Version 5 of the wireless technology.

Bluetooth 5
There is still some time that the first devices come with the new technology, and it is perhaps not everyone knows the advantages and improvements compared to previous-generation Bluetooth.

Android Authority has published an article in which they explain what is so special about Bluetooth 5. First and foremost it is important to note that the latest version is backward compatible, so there is no need to throw away your current gadgets.

What is really new or improved?

  1. Range: Bluetooth 4.x WAS has a range between 50-100 meters outdoors in clear view. Indoors is reduced to around 10 to 20 meters. Bluetooth 5:04 doubles the range compared to LE devices (Low Energy).
  2. Performance: While the current generation has a transfer speed of 1 megabit per second speed in Bluetooth 5 doubled to 2 megabits per second. This may open for advanced devices that rely on higher transmissionspeed.
  3. Energy consumption: Although it is natural to believe that increased range and speed equals increased power consumption, using Bluetooth 5 actually less power than its predecessor.
  4. iBeacon / Eddystone: Apple iBeacon / Google Eddystone nutshell Bluetooth-based technology using small “transmitters” contact mobile phones nearby. The technology can often be compared with NFC (Near-Field Communication). iBeacon might send out offers coupons and other customers when they walk into a store, or send out pertinent information about a store department.

Bluetooth 5 specification is expected to be finished by the end of this year and the first devices could emerge early in 2017.