Jobs would never make TV


Ever since Walter Isaacson came out with its definitive, authorized Steve Jobs biography has been a sort of adopted truth that the next step for Apple would be to produce smart TVs should not be confused with Apple TV, which of course is already on the market).

The claim put forward in the form of a conversation Isaacson had with Jobs, in which Jobs says that he has “cracked the code” when it comes to television.

In the new book “Haunted Empire: Apple after Steve Jobs’ of Wall Street Journal reporter Yukari Kane, however, it alleged that Jobs vehemently denied that Apple would give into the television world.

During a meeting with 100 of Apple’s top people in 2010 should he have said the following:

– Terrible industry
– Television is a terrible business. They do not sell and the margins suck.

Now the Jobs changed his mind before. And it could be that he really believed in television when he spoke to Isaacson.