iWatch in October, chock full of sensors

iWatch in October, chock full of sensors


Getting reportedly also several different designs.

According to Reuters great start production of iWatch next month.

Now also the Wall Street Journal picked up more information about the bracelet.

According to them going at in several different designs, and has more than ten sensors to monitor the health and fitness activities.

Also, the WSJ believes in October to launch.

– Coming in October
This is so that Apple will have time to produce enough units to launch in October. This same news agency reports.

In October, also iPhone 6 5.5 “expected, while the slightly smaller 4.7 inch model is expected in September with the launch of iOS 8

According to Reuters’ unnamed source, Apple will produce 50 million units during the product’s first year of life.


Heart Rate Monitors
It is supposedly Quanta, not Foxconn, which will be responsible for nearly 70 manufacturer of production.

The panel at the clock supplied by LG, while Heptagon supposedly is the company behind the bracelet built-in heart rate monitor.

2.5 “Panel
The heart rate monitor will send the information to the new iOS app 8 Health using the framework Healthkit, but it is not confirmed whether the same app will be available on the clock. Maybe at had to be used in combination with an iPhone to work.

Panel on Apple bracelet measures supposedly 2.5 “.