iOS 7.1 finally released!


iOS 7.1 is finally released the finished version. Among the changes are fixing the crash, one snappier experience and improved animations. iOS 7.1 is also faster on the iPhone 4.

Finally, Apple has released iOS 7.1 in the final version. A complete list of changes can be found at Apple.

Besides faster and better animations, iOS 7.1 includes support for CarPlay, and provides a significant speed boost for iPhone 4 which you can see demonstrated in Arstechnica.

And perhaps the most important for many: This update sets finally an end to random reboot of the device’s graphical interfacing. A problem which mainly took place on 64-bit iOS devices.

Remember to remove any jailbreak you install 7.1. Want this opportunity you must not upgrade further than version 7.0.6.


Auto HDR
Other improvements:


  • Hold down the home button and release it. When you release the button stops Siri.
  • Auto HDR on iPhone 5s.
  • Less visual changes.
  • Month view in Calendar app.
  • Improved Touch ID-finger disapproval.

Apple has also updated the Apple TV to version 6.1. There are no major changes in this update, but it’s easier to hide unwanted channels. Essentially an update to take killed at fault, that is.