Google will not buy WhatsApp

Google will not buy WhatsApp


Unclear why Facebook had to pay so much.Facebook’s bought up the messaging app and service WhatsApp.

Only HP’s acquisition of Compaq in in 2001 was more expensive than the 19 billion dollars Facebook eventually offered for WhatsApp.

It has been estimated that the price of WhatsApp has been run through a bidding war. In July last year, WhatsApp considered to have a value of “only” $ 1.5 billion.

Who it is that has competed with Facebook to buy WhatsApp is unknown, but it has been reported that Google should have placed a bid of 10 billion dollars.

This is not true. It says senior vice president Sundar Pichai in Google.

WhatsApp was definitely an exciting product. We never came with an offer to buy them. The reports in the press about the opposite is simply untrue, says Pichai to British The Telegraph.