Google will be greater in the cloud than on search

Google wants to be featured as a cloud company.
Google wants to be featured as a cloud company.

Must undergo a radical increase in five years to reach the goal. Last year, 89 percent of Google’s revenue from search.

Sky attempt
Under Structure conference in San Francisco this week, told Google Cloud boss Urs Holzer him think that they will earn more money in the cloud than search by 2020.
– I believe that the cloud is going to be huge for our business, since there is a Sørvis business.
IDG writes that Holzer want Google to be referred to as a skyselskap rather than a search company, which will entail major changes for the company.

Attracting customers
Hozlár stated that the company has some tricks up his sleeve to lure business customers, but will not disclose what they consist of.

Google is behind Amazon and Microsoft on skyfronten writes IDG, and in a desperate attempt to take market share from the latter, they offer Google Apps for Work free to Microsoft’s enterprise customers for a limited time.