Google lowers prices for online storage


Google has cut prices sharply Google Drive service.

All users get 15GB free, which is unchanged. It offers OneDrive 7 GB while Dropbox only offers two. Both, however, offer more free space through various campaigns.

Need more space, you can now save and synchronize up to 115 GB between your devices for $ 1.99 a month with Google.

Earlier this cost $ 4.99 a month.

However, there are major consumers of storage in the Google cloud that could cheer the loudest. For $ 9.99 a month, you can now save and synchronize up to 1015 GB (1,015 TB).

Earlier this cost $ 49.99

How it works?


All three companies provide synchronization of a special folder with subfolders and files between your own area in the cloud, PCs, tablets and mobiles that you hold. In addition, automatic uploading from mobiles and sharing important basic functions.

On PC / Mac you need a small client application on mobile devices and tablets install an app.

A separate Google Drive folder in Explorer. Everything you put in this folder are automatically uploaded to the cloud, and distributed to other devices you may have registered.

However, only Google Drive and OneDrive that offers full editing facilities (also multi-user editing) in the browser of documents, spreadsheets and presentations that you have stored in the cloud.

Once you enter via the browser gives you full access to all the extra features.

For more information about Google Drive with Google. The new prices are effective as of today.