Facebook gets PayPal competitor!

Facebook gets PayPal competitor!


It claims the Financial Times.

Facebook’s is well on its way to being much more than a social networking site. Continuous acquisition of apps, and Oculus VR, shows that the company is not afraid to expand outside the danger zone to retrieve cash.

Facebook as a bank?

The Financial Times today reveals the plans. According to the newspaper, only weeks Facebook is allowed by the Irish authorities to start up the services that will make it possible to deposit money with Facebook, then use your account there as an authorized payment account.

Facebook has not gotten ad its platform, and therefore need new ways to make money.

Speaking with technology partners
Facebook be in the recent past have been in talks with Transferwise, Moni Technologies and Azimos – three companies that forkser the transmission of e-money.

Facebook has already allowed to commit less transaction operations in the U.S., but this is mainly to let the gaming company charge for micro transactions.