Arrested for having leaked Windows 8


A former software architect at Microsoft was yesterday evening arrested by police in Seattle.

This reports the Seattle newspaper Seattle PI.

The reason is that he allegedly leaked an early version of Windows 8 for a French blogger in 2012.

The design, according to the police have been that the employee was unhappy with the response he got the job.

Man arrested worked for seven years for Microsoft, partly in Lebanon and partly in the United States. He is a Russian citizen.

In addition to having leaked Windows 8, he had also stolen Microsoft’s copy system called “Activation Server Software Development Kit” and given it to the French blogger.

According to Microsoft could publish the software pirates to help determine the copy protection, so that it was possible for them to distribute pre-activated, illegal versions of Windows online.

He should also have deployed Windows 7 code as this is the OS was not released yet.

The arresting software architect should have bragged about the thefts to colleagues and it was another employee who notified management about what happened.

FBI claims to sit on transcripts of chats between the blogger and the arrested Microsoft employees.