– Apple products are overpriced

– Apple products are overpriced


Turns back toward Tim Cook attacks.

In September attacks Tim Cook companies that do not charge for their services, and instead make money on the user.

Apple chief executive believes there is an important difference between them and Apple.

Apple: – We do not sell, you’re a customer
“We make no profile based on the content of your email or your surfing habits and then sell this on to advertisers.

We do not make money on the information you store on your iPhone or iCloud. And we do not read your emails or messages to get information about you that can be used in the market, “explained Cook then.

– I think it is silly
Cook attacks neither Google or Facebook by name, but did it relatively clear that he was referring to statements both, and company as them.

Now, several months later, Zuckerberg responded to criticism in an interview with TIME, but he is not afraid to name names:

“It’s frustrating to me that many people increasingly seem to equate an advertising business model in one way or another to be out of tune with your customers,” he explained.

– Apple’s products are too expensive
“I think it’s a ridiculous concept. Do you think even if you pay Apple so are the same wavelength as them? If you were there, then they would have made their products much cheaper! ”

Unlike Apple claims namely Zuckerberg that his company has a more noble goal, namely to connect all people of the world to another, and that without it to cost them anything.