Antivirus company hacked


400000 forum passwords possibly compromised.

The developers of antivirus solutions, Avast!, Warns its debaters after the forum was hacked this weekend.

Payment Information
Only forum users’ information, not personal information or card info from the paying customers of the software are affected.

But are you a member of the forum, and use the same password elsewhere, you should change your password immediately.

big Forums
The forum has 400000 registered users.

The attack was detected right away, but it was thus not enough to the hacker, or hackers, was stopped in time. There is at the moment unknown what holes they exploited.

This is hacked
According to Avast! The following astray:

* Nickname
Username *
* Email Addresses
* Password

Passwords are one-way encrypted, but that does not necessarily mean a good hacker can not decrypt it.

The passwords can be cracked
“Even though passwords are encrypted, it may be possible for a sophisticated thief to pick out many of passport Rødene.

If you use the same password and user name to log in to other web sites, please change these passwords immediately, “writes Avast! CEO Vincent Steckler on the company blog.

Once the forum is back (with new software and vendor), all users will be prompted to change the password before they can log on again. Old passwords will not be used.