TeamViewer confirms: – Security breaches have occurred

TeamViewer confirms that there have been any security breaches
TeamViewer confirms that there have been any security breaches

To check if your account is hacked and how to solve it.

Earlier this month reported more users of the popular remote control software TeamViewer they experienced suspicious behavior of service.

Confirms security breach
Several of these reported that hackers had taken control of their PCs, using the stored information to trade stuff online and installed malware.

During an interview at the weekend confirmed the spokesperson Axel Schmidt that there had been security violations, but he blamed on bad passwords choice of users. Despite this, there are users with two-way authentication which is also affected.

Check yourself
If you use TeamViewer and want to check if your account is hacked, you take a look at the files that logs program’s connection to the PC.

To check TeamViewer QuickSupport in Windows:

Press toolset symbol top right.
Press Open logfile …
Open the file (s) named Connection First.


Start Console app (/ Applications / Utilities / Console).
Check under Files – ~ / Library / Logs / TeamViewer.
Open Connections.txt.

In the files you see if it shows up someone other than your own IP address. If there are logins from elsewhere, your account may have been hacked.

If you fear that your account has been hacked, please do the following to ensure your PC and your account:

Changing password via Extras – Options – Security – Personal password.
Enable bidirectional authentication: Edit profiling General – Activate link – Two factor authentication. Follow the instructions and press Save.
Ensure you have to confirm all connections: Go to AdvancedOptions – Connections to this computer. Changed from full access to confirm all.

Also be sure to have one of the most commonly used passwords.