Windows 8.1 update coming 8th April


The vast majority were previously known, more exciting it is to come in the next update.

We have on several occasions discussed the changes that were expected to come in the first major update to Windows 8.1, and yesterday came the confirmation from Microsoft:

Windows 8.1 update comes as a free download from 8 April.

The update builds bridges between the classic Windows experience and the new “Modern UI” sphere and apps from the Windows Store, with news that is specifically aimed at users of keyboard and mouse.

Coming more

However, what is more exciting is what Microsoft has plans for further development of Windows 8.1.

For this autumn we can expect a new update, which largely wipe out the distinction between the two worlds, thanks to two very important news, or should we say revisited:

  1. Reintroduction of the classic start menu.
  2. The ability to run Modern UI apps in windows on the desktop.


Thus, it appears that Microsoft has done something that could be construed as a complete retreat from the radical changes that were introduced with Windows 8, and hardly without reason: Windows 8 has failed to lure the general public, despite all the campaigns since its launch.

The next update the operating system for many perceived as a more natural successor and upgrade from Windows 7

Upgraded Start Menu


Start menu will not look exactly the same as the one that came with Windows 7 It is wider and will include Modern UI tiles to the right, while the left side appears quite similar, with the search box at the bottom, and of course the ability to turn off the computer.

It has not yet set a date for the next update, other than that it will happen “later this year”.