How is new Windows 8.1 “Update 1”


All changes to “Update 1”.

Update 1 for Windows 8.1 makes life easier without a touchscreen, but it is not the only thing new.

Small but important improvements

After Microsoft accidentally made ​​it all too easy to download Update 1 before the official launch, is probably the most changes revealed.

Windows knows Ed Bott Update 1 looking for changes and improvements.

This change is important

One of the most important in this update, except better mouse support is that the traditional working line used to switch between and launch applications, now also takes care of the Modern UI apps.

For all open programs and apps in one place.

This is a great improvement compared with several visual clues make it easier to use Windows 8.1 with mouse.

What’s new

  • Turn off and search your PC right straight from the Start screen. You do not have to use Charms-line work.
  • More options when you right-click on the Live Tiles (“Unpin from Start,” “Unpin from taskbar”, “Uninstall”, “Resize”, “Turn Off Live Tile”).
  • Windows applications and Modern UI apps sharing shortcuts on the traditional labor bar on the desktop.
  • Preview Modern UI apps on your desktop (Peak) (with support for break and back and forth).
  • You can now retrieve the traditional Windows operating line (multitasking), no matter where you are (also in Modern UI).
  • Buttons for minimizing and closing the Modern UI apps with the mouse.
  • Traditional operating line available also through the use of programs simultaneously.
  • Internet Explorer Modern UI optimized for mouse.
  • More Live Tiles choices for selected apps.
  • OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive).
  • When viewing multiple apps simultaneously downsized Live Tiles.
  • Alert when new apps are installed.
  • Disk Management in Modern UI with quick easy function.