Windows 10-testers can probably breathe a sigh of relief


And so Cortana out on your desktop.

When the final version of Windows 10 comes about stalling eight months, do not testers restart Microsoft get it right.

Upgrade from test to RTM
It is Microsoft’s public relations Gabe Aul confirming that the company has plans for the OS so that it can be upgraded from trial to the final version when it arrives in August or thereabouts.

Then we just hope the changes in the final code does destroys the ability to upgrade, it may no be sure that does not happen, but it’s good to hear that Microsoft plan ahead is to get this to work.

How Cortana in the tens
Microsoft is working hard to finish the OS, and therefore leaking the continual new things.

Last out is Cortana, which we quite a while already known becomes part of the OS.

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