Windows 10 is not free as OS X


Will sell additional services.

Under a technology conference sponsored by the big Swiss bank Credit Suisse last week, did Microsoft COO Kevin Turner clear that Windows 10 is not free like OS X.

Will never completely free?

It has namely been rumored earlier that the OS is a free upgrade for those who acted Windows 8 available (ie not about eights came with your PC), but this rumor has now got a hit.

– We have not discussed that Windows 10 would be a loss product for us, but we must change the way we make money on the OS on. The fines other possibilities, explained Turner.

Perhaps he believes a license model that Office 365? Uncertain as this rumor has been disproved earlier.

Charge for basic services, or less add-ons?

COO-one in Microsoft would not reveal more details except that the company wants to charge for additional services that will be traded in the OS.

Turner was thus not specific, so it is conceivable that those who have acted 8.0 or 8.1 can upgrade for free, but it is too early to say anything yet. Either way, PC makers have to pay for Windows in most cases

But “Windows Phone 10” for those with Windows Phone 8, it becomes a free upgrade.